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How to find the babes

Looking to get laid while visiting other countries? The stacks are in your favor, dude. With truck-loads of sites dedicated to dating and hooking up for sex, you’re bound to find someone who will be as ready and willing as you are. But, if you’re new to the game, be forewarned that all dating sites are not created equal.
That’s why me and my friends, Chuck and Jesse decided to ditch the hyper-scientific-matching-algorithm and do some soul searching of our own by signing up to dozens of sites while we travelled the world to find the perfect sites that met our needs best.
Yes folks, we went through the visually painful experience so that others won’t have to. The tips you will find on this site took us months to investigate, cross-check and compile, and while there are new dating sites popping up of the woodwork every day, I solemnly say, the information given here will make you spend less time pecking away at your keyboard and more time getting some sweet e-booty (or a long and meaningful relationship) whichever you prefer.
The info provided here will be especially useful to those who put their L-search on broadband only recently and now feel that they’re late to the party. In other words, any guy who’s complaining about being single should stop complaining.
The 80 or so dating portals that have featured on our site took us two months to test, and catered to dozens of cities worldwide from the UK to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Some were up front with what they offered with legit profiles on like-minded chicks who wanted a casual hookup, with others we found out the hard way never to ever pay up front to join casual sex websites. So, me and my bros have taken it upon ourselves to expose those dating scams and offer up some gold nuggets of advice that will help you get the best results while searching for e-booty online.

Here are our backgrounds…



Age: 29
Hi, I’m Todd, nearly two months to the day me and a couple of my supremely talented and really nice friends decided to take the bull by the horns, find some interesting casual sex sites, join em’ and find chicks that want to hookup.



Age: 31
After trying it the old fashioned way at bars and nightclubs, I decided to aim by guns online to find casual hookups. I began my search by subscribing to online dating sites and using a combination of a smooth introduction and cool banter, which made getting good sex a guarantee.

New Zealand


Age: 30
I’ve been using various sites and chatting up some cool women. Finding my soul mate is not what I was looking for. That’s just the way it is. Some of the sites I used really lived up to their names, while others I had to get out of really quick.