21 Best Pickup Lines to Use Online

good pickup linesWe all want our ties pulled like that after a good pickup line

The first dating messages set the tone for the rest of the relationship, fling, encounter, or whatever it is that you’re looking to get into. There are some, ahem, ethics for what to say to women who you want to have sex with. Hence, knowing how to pick up a woman with good wordplay can actually help you close the deal quicker and better. Provided that you are on a reputed casual dating site (for honest dating site reviews, visit site), the pickup lines are what’s separating dirty talk from action. So if you’re wondering what the best pickup lines are, ones that actually work, here we have listed 21 that will definitely get her excited, giggling, and interested in the prospects of having sex you.

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I’m Going Outside to Make Out. Want to Join Me?

Trick questions in pickup lines always get a response. But if she says no, you can always reply ‘okay, maybe I’ll make out later then”.

If I Were a Watermelon, Would You Swallow or Spit My Seeds?

This is one of the best pickup lines that helps you learn about the sexual preferences of your partner, particularly associated with oral sex if you didn’t understand it by now.

You Wanna Know What’s Big?

If she says your dick, then tell her ‘right answer! You just made it bigger’. If she asks ‘what?’ say ‘well you have to come over and find out yourself’.

Pizza Is My Second Favorite Thing to Eat In Bed

This is another suggestive pickup line that you can use to let her know that you enjoy oral sex more than you love having pizza, and that’s really saying something, at least for us.

You’re On Top Of My List of Things to Do Tonight

If she asks what are the other things to do on your list, you could say ‘doing you is followed by shagging you, penetrating you, and making love to you”.

Yeah, It’s Big and If You Pet It, It Spits

Probably going to make her laugh, which is good. If she lines up a good comeback, then you know she’s already in on the pickup line.

What Are You Doing Tonight Beside Me?

This is probably going to confuse her but will definitely going to make her fantasize about you while she ponders ‘what AM I going to do tonight besides him?’

The FBI Wants to Steal My Penis. Can I Hide It Inside You?

If she says yes, then prepare for the booty call. If she says no, say ‘oh well, guess the FBI will investigate the situation and release the whitepapers once they’re done”.

There Are 265 Bones in the Human Body. How Would You Like One More?

Notice the question is not ‘would’ you like but ‘how would’ you like, which is probably going to make her think and smile while she pictures your new bone.

That’s a Nice Shirt. Can I Take You Out Of It?

Classic pickup line, one that even our grandchildren will be using to get the booty call.

Try Me Once and If You Don’t Like It, What Have You Wasted? What, Six Hours Of Your Life? It’d Be More If You Want Foreplay

She’s going to lose her mind when she reads six hours. If this one worked for you then you better give her six hours of pleasure!

That’s A Nice Smile. It’d Look Better If It Was All You Were Wearing

A smart pickup line that we have used many times in between conversations to great success.

Your Shirt Has To Go, But You Can Stay

This is one of the best pickup lines that you can say with authority to show that you are ready to take the lead.

I’m Going to Have Sex With You Tonight, So You Better Show Up

Another pickup line that will show the dominant side in you, but can also come off as funny and cute. Either way, it works.

Which Is Easier? You Getting Into Those Tight Pants Or Getting You Out Of Them?

If she replies with ‘what do you think’, say ‘it’s only going to take me 5 seconds to pull you out of these, so you be the judge’.

Treat Me Like a Pirate And Give Me That Booty

If she has a really nice booty, then she’s definitely going to appreciate this pickup line. Even if she don’t, she’ll think you like it!

Don’t Waste Water. Let’s Shower Together

If she says no thanks, you can always come back with ‘well you have to once I get you dirty’.

May I Pleasure You With My Tongue?

She’s going to appreciate the request more than you think!

My Name’s Jake. Just So You Know What to Scream

Or you could probably tell her your nickname. That way you can have a laugh when she gets screaming.

I Bought These New Condoms. Want To See If They’re Any Good?

If she doesn’t, you’ll be the first person to know!

Sit On My Face and I’ll Eat My Way to Your Heart

Probably the best oral sex expression that she could ask for!