EroticAds Reviews: Is it Really Worth It or It’s Scams?

For all intents and purposes, is an absolutely cracking online dating site, where singles and couples alike can have sexual hookups with no strings attached. I found that their logo of two bunnies getting their groove on was extremely hilarious, and it set the tone of a sexy and playful site. There are lots of great Canadian dating sites around, but this one certainly delivers phenomenally in all departments. We tested many sites and found out that was the one site where we managed to close the deal more times than anywhere else.

EroticAds scam review

Testing the most popular Adult Dating Sites for Canadians

We rolled up our sleeves, and for a complete two months, tested the most popular Canadian hookup sites on the internet. We treated every site equally, and tested sites, hoping to find which ones offered the best chances of getting laid with no hassles of getting into a relationship with the women. We made sure that we gave every site the maximum amount of time in order to get 100% accuracy in our ratings, so that we could provide people with the list of best Canada hookup sites.
The cities in which we tested these sites included Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. Out of all the sites that we tested, we rated the highest, because this was the site that had the hottest women and we managed to close the deal more times than on any other site.

What makes so special amongst hookup dating sites

The main reason why we were over the moon after reviewing was because we got an exceptional response rate from this website. We sent about 100 emails to hot women for hookups in these cities, and we received 38 responses in return. From these responses, we were able to set up around 26 dates in total, in the hopes that we would close the deal with these gorgeous women. We managed to set up 23 dates, and got lucky on all of them! That is a very high hookup success rate, which is no wonder why we were so positive after reviewing It definitely sets the bar amongst hookup dating sites in Canada.

About EroticAds casual dating site

One of the greatest casual dating website was EroticAds. Rated #1 in North America. You have to try You will not be disappointed.

extremely easy and simple Membership Process to hookup with sexy singles

If you are looking for Canadian dating sites, where you can get laid, then I would recommend to them every single time. You can check everything about it over at, to find all that you have been looking for.

We had a great time reviewing the website, and felt instantly jealous of all the men who were hooking up and getting lucky with the hot women on The website certainly ‘Wowed’ us, because first it had a simple and quick membership process. Limited hassle meant that we were able to finally get to the business end, without worrying about all the other details.

It is one of the best hookup dating sites for first time users in Canada, and you will find all sorts of users. caters to everyone, whether you’re a couple, man, woman, lesbian couple, or gay couple; you will have no problems in getting lucky on this site. You will have to answer standard questions on the site in order to complete your profile, which will also include your sexual preferences, as well as your favorite sexual position.

You will also have to answer questions regarding your ideal sexual match, or the number of one-night stands you have encountered in your life. Your ideal hookup place or how you would like it to happen. There are some questions that most guys shy away from, but they require answers, such as how much do you masturbate. is fun and will keep you entertained while you fill up your profile, and you will notice a sexy GIF who will be talking and taking off her clothes slowly.

It would be a lie if I said that it was easy keeping my eyes off her, since it was too hard not to look at a sexy woman taking off her clothes. The entire process of registering and making your profile hardly took 10 minutes, and it absolutely flew by. is The Best Canadian Dating Site to Get Laid and Have the Sexiest Females

There are lots of adult hookup sites in Calgary, and in different cities located in Canada, however have the best email response rate, and some of the most stunning women members I have ever come across on adult hookup sites. The fact that they are all genuine members and was another plus point, apart from the fact that we scored and got lucky with them.

We were definitely not disappointed by this site, and got exactly what we came for and more. Our entire experience of testing was amazing and was worth every single second. This is now one of my personal favorite Canadian dating sites to get laid, with all the gorgeous women you could wish for, and prices that are unbeatable.