3 Terrible Dating Mistakes Men Make Every Time

dating mistakes men makeThat probably happens more often than it should

Let’s face it – we, as men, should be held accountable for the mistakes we make when we’re taking a lady out on a date. We do everything in our power to convince the other person to go out with us, but when it’s showtime, our approach is generally a hit-and-miss. Why? Because we’re men, that’s why! We’re bound to feel a little, or a lot, nervous in front of someone we like, have a crush on, or have already had a casual encounter with in our minds. To put it into simple words, we making dating mistakes all the time, but making one at the first date could very well be the deal breaker. So if you’re wondering what mistakes you’re probably going to make on your first date after finding someone online, don’t worry. We have you covered with the 3 terrible dating mistakes that could turn a casual encounter into an immediate turn-off.

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Getting Physical Quickly on the First Date

The emphasis is on quickly. Sure, physical attraction is one of the biggest factors men look for in women. However, pushing someone on your first date to get in the sack or getting too touchy-feely is only going to backfire. Mutual trust and respect have to be earned in order to reach the territory where physical play is equally appreciated. So if you’re eager to lock your lips with hers and she’s not really feeling it at the moment, it’s safe to say that this might be the last date you’re going to have with her. Many women also don’t like men going ‘all hands’ with them, touching them every time they get a chance. So if you want to avoid being a fool (and possibly a pervert), back off a little. Talk ! You will be surprised to learn how effective it is in making your date feel safe, secure, and comfortable around you. Once that happens and she starts to show more interest (flirting, dirty talk, physical play), that’s when you can get touchy-feely without any consequences.

Not Having a Plan

So if physical play was your Plan A and you really didn’t have a Plan B, you’re going to have a bad time. Regardless of whether your date is independent, a feminist, a free thinker, or just boring, if you don’t have a plan to turn this date into a memorable night out, then you can kiss your second date, and your chances of taking her to bed with you, goodbye. Please don’t ask them to meet you at a downtown café and then start the conversation with ‘Okay, where should we go now’ or ‘What should we do?’ Don’t ask her that, when you were the person who asked her out in the first place! Maybe she just wants to go someplace nice so take her to a place that you think is nice for a first date. Maybe she is clueless and was hoping you would take the lead but now that you’ve told her you’re taking the backseat, she has all the right in the world to think that you’re not dating material. It’s one of the most common dating advices that we have given to our friends but somehow, they still can’t manage to plan it all out. Not every date ends up with sex, and that’s okay. The least you can, and should do, is to make sure that your date is having a good time and would like to see you again. If you are able to accomplish that, then rest assured she will be hitting the sheets with you when the time comes and when she feels ready.

Asking Meaningless Questions While Paying Little Interest

This is probably the goliath of mistakes in dating and casual encounters. First things first, if you are not interested in asking a question, then don’t, because you won’t be interested in what you’ll hear from her. If you’re worried about the awkward silence, then ask her things that could help you understand her better, and as a result, help you get close to her within the first few dates. Instead of asking ‘Hey, what cell phone do you have?’ and paying absolutely no attention to their reply, ask ‘So are you into gaming more or outdoor activities?’ Sure, it may sound like a nerdy question in your head, but you’re definitely going to pay more attention to her reply, and that would resonate with her as she will appreciate your attentiveness. Simple as that! We hope you enjoyed reading this, and if you did, do check our other casual dating tips we wrote after doing some extensive research and based on our personal experiences.