Five Ways to Ask for a Casual Date

casual dating freedomCasual Dating Could Be Your Getaway to Happiness

If you’re not ready to settle down, there is no reason why you should relinquish this freedom by getting tied up in relationships or marriage. Casual dating is the likely solution that allows you to go on as many fun, exciting, adventurous dates, one night stands, booty calls, and more; all without the obligation of being tied down to one person. The beauty of casual dating is that you get to flirt and have an open conversation about sex with your casual date. However, where many men fail is how to ask a woman out. Don’t worry though; we’re bringing you the five ways for asking her out on a date or maybe more!

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Always Start the Conversation with Clear Intentions

Casual dating sites like are great for finding real men and women with whom you can start a conversation. In the online dating scene, subtlety can only get you so far. You have to make your intentions clear right from the start. If you are interested in a lady, then don’t be afraid to say ‘Hi, I was going through your profile and realized we could have a good conversation, maybe more’. If ‘maybe more’ has prompted her to ask what else you have in mind, then say what’s on your mind. Having an open-ended conversation is an effective way to break the ice and move the topic from introduction to preferences, and that’s when the fun begins.

Ask Her about Her Preferences

Once you have effectively started a conversation and now it’s headed to dirty talk town, it’s time to get her in the ball park. It’s always better to know beforehand what your potential casual date likes or dislikes rather than giving them a nasty surprise when the time comes to hit the sheets. However, don’t make your questions sound as if you’re filtering potential casual partners. Make it interesting; instead of asking ‘So what’s your favorite position?’; ask ‘So what satisfies you the most after some good foreplay?’, or ‘Do you like to spoon or ride? With you, I’d like to do both!’ Don’t be afraid to ask about her sexual preferences if the conversation is already headed there. Learn more about her, what she likes, is she more into role playing or rough sex. Remember to talk about your preferences as well so that you both know what turns you on and what a potential red flag is.

Ask about Her Expectations from the Casual Date

You know, some men and women out there are not just looking for someone to bone for a night, but may want a casual sex partner who they can regularly spend their happy hours with. In contrast, some people may be looking for dating and sex, with no strings attached so as to not develop any feelings. Hence, it’s always better to find out what a casual sex partner has in mind regarding the date or the hook up. If she is not really convinced by your pictures, then video chat is a good way to show what you’re made of and to get comfortable with each other. is a great casual dating site in this regard as it offers HD-video streaming and chat features that enable you to get a better view of the potential partner before asking her out.

Find a Good Place to Meet

If she’s not comfortable coming to your place, or doesn’t want you coming to hers, then there’s no need to push her into it. If she wants to go out on a date first, so as to know more about you in person, then answer her call. As it should be apparent by now, the more open your conversation is, the better the chances of landing that date or booty call. If she wants you for the night, then find a good hotel or lodge where you can get frisky and wild. If she plans to go out with you and is only hinting at casual sex, then going out to a bar is a good idea. If all she wants is to have a nice dinner, then don’t rush her into sex right after it. You’ll be thanking us later when she finally gets in the comfort zone and is ready to rock your world.

Up the Excitement as the Clock Ticks

So, you now know how to ask a woman out, and have arranged the first date. That doesn’t mean all conversations should end or be limited up until the time comes (but if both of you are planning to have a ‘no-talking’ period before it, that’s exciting). Make good use of this time to work on the intricate details of your first meet up. Ask her what color she likes on a man, tell her what you like, and keep it going. Take the talk to dirty town to get her excited and vying to meet you. So when she finally does, and you land exactly on her expectations, you’re in for a great, great time my friend!