The QuickFlirt Review – Removes Any Doubt If It′s Legit

According to our research, which you can check out here, falls flat on its face, when it comes to finding you hot women that want to go out with you and have a wild night. We thought that with a name like, the website would at least have no problems in getting you a one night stand with a hot woman fairly quickly. The major disappointment with the website is that it simply doesn’t offer what a person who is looking to get laid wants and is looking for. A lot of online dating websites have simply missed the mark altogether by failing to take the needs of their users into account. Hooking up with hot single women, who want to have a wild time shouldn’t be as difficult as it is on, which was a major let down and turn off for me.

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Are there really any legitimate dating websites around?

This is a question that we had to answer as well, and rest assured, depending on where you live, there are lots of credible and legitimate dating websites that deliver exactly what they promise. People in New Zealand may get very luck on or, while those in Australia, can check out and There are also great websites where you can find hot women looking for one night stands from the UK and the US, but one thing is for certain, is definitely not for you if you want to get laid.

About QuickFlirt casual dating site

We had a TERRIBLE experience on QuickFlirt. We DID NOT like this dating sites for casual sex. We STRONGLY suggest you to try one of those recommendedcasual encounters sites here is Less Than Impressive

However, you still have to answer that age old question; can you really trust online dating sites? Well, in some cases, there are sites that do offer great experiences. So how does compare with the rest? We let you be the judge in the following table:


Opening the Can of Worms at

Whenever we review or check out a dating site, the very first thing to check out is the number of emails you end up getting in the first hour. We had hardly set up our account and were bombarded with emails, mind you; the profile section wasn’t even completed by this stage! There are hundreds of hot women on the website, which naturally got us excited, but spend a little time on the website, and you quickly find out that most of them are entirely fake!

don’t worry we’ll take a hit for you

We don’t like being the bearer of bad news for you, but someone has to do it. We don’t want you to have a bad experience, especially when you’re looking to get laid; life is stressful as it is. Nothing is more frustrating than working hard to be rewarded and then coming up empty handed. We checked and emailed super-hot chicks on the website, hoping that we could land a date and get laid, but frankly it was a waste of time and effort. For me personally, joins the long list of unsuccessful sites that leave you feeling frustrated and angry at the amount of time you have wasted.

Don’t give up hope, there are plenty of great sites out there

The one thing that you should be looking out for is online dating scams. It is possible that you find a great one night stand at sites like, but the chances of that happening are extremely low, and frankly you have better chances of winning the lotto. This review was written to help you avoid the mistakes when looking for great online dating sites. We want you to have a one night stand to remember, and there are plenty of websites out there that deliver exactly what they promise.