Which Casual Encounters Classifieds Sites You Should Use in the USA

If you’re living in the US, there are a number of dating sites and casual encounters classifieds sites from which you can choose from. All of these sites have their own charms and are used by countless people who are lonely and in search for love or just a casual booty call partner. When it comes to online sites, casual encounters classifieds sides in the USA are distinctly different from the traditional online dating sites, even though that distinction sometimes is not easy to recognize at first sight. Most Americans live a busy life, and with the daily grind on the menu, there’s little room for release. This is why most single men make their way to the bar or club to refresh their mind and possibly find someone interesting who they can go home with. Well, the days of crawling to the bar or night club to get laid are over. For those who are reading this anyway. That’s because we have come up with a comprehensive list of casual dating sites where those who are living in the US can easily find dates and hook up with some of the most beautiful women they have ever seen, and all from the comfort of their own home. Now, how’s that for a service boys! And as if that wasn’t enough, you can get some cool tips by clicking here to fine tune your mojo to meet those casual sex women by the dozen. That being said, finding a hook up online is easier said than done. First off, you need to find out which sites are legit and which of the casual encounters sites are fake, and are only there to weasel you out of your hard earned money. Well, luckily for you, we have done all the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. In the following lines we are going to be talking about the sites that are used most to find casual encounters classifieds.

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Through the research we’ve conducted, we have come to find out what some of the best casual sex sites in the US are, what’s the demographic that they cater to and more importantly, how easy is it to get the service. For this purpose we carried out research on literally hundreds of dating sites that were geared towards individuals from all walks of life, sexual orientation and the like. This also includes the ones that were free and those that cost us some loose change. But, at the end of the day it was all worth it, because we got to compile an interesting list of some of the best casual encounters classifieds sites that are used for guys who want to hook up with beautiful women.

Check Out The Casual Dating Sites we Found in USA

Casual Encounters SitePerformanceRatingSent EmailsReceived RepliesCasual Dates Set UpDates Actually HadCasual SexRecommendationVisit
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Best 2021 casual encounters classified sites in USA

The above table includes the list of some of the best and most used casual dating sites in the USA. During our extensive research we found that sites such as EroticAds.com and HookUpCloud.com were being widely used by people who were genuinely there to hook-up, while the majority of the sites we used were scams and were only there to get our credit card digits. Out of the many casual dating sites we used, one in particular stood out from the rest, and its name was EroticAds.com. Apparently, all the beautiful women are here, so believing that is was in fact the best online site for hooking up was easy. Out of the 100 emails we sent out during a two month period, we received replies from 56 of them which his more than half. Out of that, we were able to set up 38 dates (here’s where you congratulate me) and actually went through all of them.

What was surprising even to us is that we were able to seal the deal in 34 of our 37 dates, with one of two going off the hook because they had too much to drink, and because I’m such a nice guy! Seeing those stellar results, we went on to the site that was second on our list, HookUpCloud.com. Here we also sent 100 emails to only the cutest women that were on the site. Out of that we received 53 replies, so it was slightly lower than our first pick. Out of the 53 replies that we received, we were able to set up 33 dates and actually went on with 29 of them, sealing the deal with a cool 26. Not bad, not bad at all! Wouldn’t you say? For more on these sites you can check them out by clicking here and