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There are lots of adult dating sites we have tested over the years, and is one of the best ones that we have come across. Finding a hookup site where getting laid with no strings attached is actually delivered is as rare as winning the lottery, which is why have done extensive testing to find out those rare gems for you. is one of the best hookup sites that we found, and it allows you to connect instantly with hot women, for no strings attached without any scams. The website has more than 3 million members in the United Kingdom alone, which makes them as one of the biggest sex dating sites in the industry.

AdultFriendFinder scam review

Our reviews of casual sex sites are meant to help you avoid scams

There is really no shortage of hookup sites in Britain, but most of them turn out to be massive scams. This is why we decided to help out people, by reviewing hookup sites, so they don’t have to waste their time and energy on them. For two months we tested three British hookup dating sites in order to come up with accurate reviews. The websites that we decided to test out were,, and we made sure that we treated each site with equal treatment and the same amount of time. The main cities we covered, while reviewing the websites were Manchester, London, Birmingham, Leeds, and Glasgow.

About AdultFriendFinder casual dating site

One of the greatest casual dating website was AdultFriendFinder. Rated #3 in North America. You have to try You will not be disappointed.

Our Hundred Emails Strategy Always Works on Casual Sex Sites

While reviewing, we were extremely excited to find several hot and sexy women, with authentic profiles, who were looking to get laid with no strings attached. It was difficult selecting only a hundred hot women, but we did send out 100 emails to these gorgeous beauties. We managed to receive 43 replies in no time, which really raised our hopes that we had a winner of a site on our hands. The response rate was close to 50%, which is extremely rare on casual sex sites.

We got straight down to business and chatted with them in order to set up a hookup date, and we were delighted to find that all these smoking hot ladies wanted to get into dirty and raunchy sex talk. It really set the mood, and out of the 43 women we chatted with on the site, we managed to set up dates with around 23 of them. These were smoking hot babes ready to jump into the sack with us and do dirty, hot things to us in bed.

This really showed us that is without a doubt one of the best hookup websites for Britain’s. When it came to the date, 20 out of the 23 women showed up, and this was still a pretty decent number. The magic number in our testing was that we closed the deal and had unbelievably hot sex with 19 of those women!

These were smoking hot babes with legs that go on for days, and quite honestly there aren’t many casual sex sites, where the getting laid ratio with unbelievable women was so high! We would definitely recommend to any man that wants to get laid with no strings attached.

Let Our Experience Guide You to Select the Right Hookup Site

There are countless reviews about casual sex sites, but no one does reviews like us. We will help you to find the right one-night stand or hookup date in England, with 100% of getting laid. There are countless hookup dating sites on the internet but not all of them work, and that is where we help you find out the right hookup site for you. Most of the sites have fake women, and escorts who try to solicit money from you, and it can be hard to identify certain scams unless you have experience in them.

Your Dating Profile will help you land the one-night stand you crave

Once you have found the right British hookup dating site, you need to focus on setting up your profile for a hot night of wild no-strings attached sex. You want to make a profile that shows off what you’re looking for and the best way to do that is to incorporate sense of humor intelligently. Women are drawn towards witty and funny men, and if you really want to get responses from hot women, try to be brave and be yourself.
Your profile picture also plays an important part, when it comes to getting lucky with hot women on dating sites. So make sure that you use pictures that look natural, and most importantly catch your best side. Most importantly don’t try too hard, because it makes you look desperate, and no woman wants to get laid with a desperate guy.

We had an amazing time testing In our view it is definitely one of the best legit casual hookup sites that work, and where the women were all super hot, and real!