What makes women want to have sex with a man?

how to please womenSecrets to pleasing a woman in a casual relationship

She’s a 10, you’re a modest 5. What are the odds she’ll be going home with you tonight? Well, I guess you’ll never know if you just surrender without making an effort. When it comes to catching a woman’s interest, it’s all about building buzz. Your brand is what will separate you from the rest of the pack. If you dig that girl across the room with the million watt smile, but aren’t sure of approaching her then you’re in luck. This is going to be your guide to bed-shaking success in your casual encounters.

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What to Say

When it comes to casual encounters, its all about being perceived as more dominant than any other man in the room, because if you blend in, you’ll be left out. Its that simple. The idea is to create some kind of product differentiation, something that will attract her to you. This doesn’t mean wearing a cowboy hat or a Mohawk. Since for most people chemistry is instantaneous, you will have to make the most of the first few minutes you have together. This means you need to use conversational jui-jitsu to draw her in and keep her interested. You could think of something witty to say or use these 21 Best Pickup Lines to Use Online

Win Over Her Friends

Think of this as grass roots marketing. If you’re at a bar or club and the girl you have an eye on is with a group of friends. Walk up and talk to them, ask them the kind of questions that will pique their interest and make them laugh. If you are able to win her friends over you’re halfway towards the touchdown line. The trick is to build that buzz, once you have, the people will go crazy.

Keep Her Emotionally Engaged

If you’re wondering about how to hook up with casual encounters, the trick is to build a sort of brand lust. As in, you need to keep her emotionally engaged for as long as you can. To do this you can either tweak your looks by making subtle changes to your wardrobe or you can simply have something interesting to talk to. Everybody looks for fresh reasons to check something new out, so be that reason.

Speak Your Mind

Ladies like the bluntness, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind. In fact, a straight forward conversation is more likely to get you to second base than the more traditional indirect and unclear chats. Apart from that, be sure not to make these 3 Terrible Dating Mistakes Men Make Every Time.

How to Act

How you act will differentiate you from the boys. Good kissing tops the list when it comes to turnons, but don’t underestimate the power of a good long hug, especially if she initiates it. When you do hug, embrace her until she ends it to show how much you savor it. The point is to make it clear you don’t want the hug to end.

Become a Player

One thing to realize is that women want to have sex. It’s just that they don’t want to go home with a moron. You can easily cop someone’s cool by just hanging out with them. So, you need to choose the guys you hang out with wisely. Hanging out with other ‘players’ will make you appear like one of them and increase your chances of getting laid.

Have a Seat

Looking to boost your sex appeal in an instant? Then have a seat and read on. The way you sit and the gestures of your hands plays a big role in how you can sexually attract members of the opposite sex. Here’s the rub: Men who sit in a closed or less dominant posture with either their arms of their legs crossed, and using no hand gestures appear to be less appealing to women, as compared to those men who sit in a more dominant body posture with their harms up on the backs of eh chairs around them and their legs spread out. Why? Well, there’s no time to get all scientific about it, that’s just the way it is. So, if you want to max your do-me vibe try taking as much space as you can the next time you sit down. This could sound weird but giving a pat on the back of your male friends or giving their arm a squeeze demonstrates a willingness to invade their space, which is a signal of confidence and dominance. Also, sending a light touch here way can increase her temperature also.

Mind the Body Language

Your body languages is able to reveal all sorts of things about you, this is why it is extremely important when it comes to casual encounters. Whether you like it or not, women can read a person’s body language, so you should make sure you’re not sending out the wrong vibes.