How To Please Women in Casual Relationships

pleasing a womanSecrets to pleasing a woman in a casual relationship

No matter how ready she was to jump in the sack the first time, after you’ve been together a while, the passion will fade in casual relationships. That’s just the way it is. So, the question here is, do you want to wait for the signs that your girlfriend has drifted from “I want to rip those clothes off” to “I’m just not feeling like it tonight”? Of course not! If you really care about getting laid you’ll learn on ways of how to please her in bed before the sexual deficit appears and takes over all other aspects of your relationship. Luckily for you, there are still people out there who care for other people (ahem!) and just want to help a man out free of charge (but we appreciate cash too). Here are some of the ways in which you good Sirs, can bring back the heat and beat out the boredom in the bedroom. So, before you turn the lights down, consult the following you should.

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How to Please Women

Whether its casual relationships or intimate encounters, the good news is that there are a few things you can do to light the spark in any relationship and you should find out what those are right here. You would also want to know What do women generally want in a casual sex partner?

Show Her the Finger

The more sensation there is in bed the better right! We thought so too. But, the surprising thing is that many men don’t use their fingers while giving their girlfriends oral. While you’re at it stroke the vulva and don’t forget to tease the vagina by slipping your fingers inside and reaching for the G-spot. Don’t know what the G-spot is, well that’s why I’m here. The G-spot is a controversial pleasure point that some people are still skeptical about. But, never mind them, the experts (that’s us) say its at the top of wall about two inches inside the vagina. You can slip your fingers inside while working the clitoral area with our mouth to give her an orgasm she’ll never forget.

Take it Slow

Women are not able to experience pleasure as quick as men can. In fact, it takes up to 20 times longer for women to generate enough blood flow to their genitals in order to produce enough lubrication for sex. So, whether your stroking her G-spot or you have a new sex toy the two of you want to try out, take it slow. Besides, what’s the rush anyway, right!

Talk Dirty

If you think this is beneath you, you’re not worth being in a relationship, period. Believe it or not, women like to talk in bed and it’s not the flowery variety either. According to research the talk that many women want to have while in bed can only be described as downright nasty. So, if you want to get laid, you better start to put some effort in developing a filthy tongue, in bed, that is, and not while you’re out having lunch together. While of course, we can’t add in the words that are said to have the most effect on a woman while you’re having sex, what matters is talking dirty makes women blush, and is much appreciated by women who are married and also those who are in casual relationships. So, the next time you’re in bed together, just use your imagination.

Don’t Make Love, Make ‘Wild’ Love

Ah fantasies! What would the world be without them. Contrary to popular belief many women are tired of being treated as something precious in the bedroom. In fact, even in intimate encounters, women who were asked of what they preferred talked about how they were tired of their man doing things gently all the time. Translation-women prefer raunchy sex, that kind where they’re ravished like an animal. Yeah, wow, right? But that’s the way they like it boys. So, I guess all women are for lack of a better word sluts in the bedroom.

Focus on Her Entire Body

While women often times complain of their man not taking their time down there, another thing that many women also complain about is that their men do not focus on their entire bodies, as in, other parts of their body besides the vagina. When asked, many women said they wanted to be licked and kissed everywhere, from their toes to their forehead, and back. The trick here is to arouse sensations that come from a place other than stimulating the vagina. So, the next time you’re with her in bed, spend some time kissing her inner thigh, or her wrist. And who knows, she could be wanting to do the same to you as well. Read this to find out How To Give an Orgasm To Your Casual Partner