How To Give an Orgasm To Your Casual Partner

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The important thing for men who have a casual partner is to realize that all women want to orgasm. While many would defer to this a couple of generations ago, when most adult females didn’t even know what an orgasm was, and doctor’s called it a myth, the old ways have changed, and today there’s a raft of information available online which will provide you with all the information you could possibly need on how to make a female orgasm like, How to Have Incredible First-Time Sex. Getting a woman to orgasm takes strategy, just like playing Call of Duty. You need to know what you’re getting in to or else, ‘BANG’ you get Abe-Lincolned, and you didn’t even see it comin’ did you? So, to increase your chances of success, here are some of the things you need to know when it comes to orgasms.

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Warm Up Her Feet

Yes, that’s right. Put down that penis enlarger and do this. Every guy who has a casual partner probably knows how much she likes to wedge her ice cold feet between your legs to keep them warm. So, do it for her. Warming up those feet at the beginning of each foreplay session is the key to a female orgasm. Besides, keeping her feet nice and warm will also make her comfortable, which is what you want if you want her to get naked with you. She probably won’t if she’s cold. According to a Dutch study, the odds of her reaching an orgasm, or multiple orgasms are raised almost 30% if her feet are kept warm. If some of you are thinking “socks” don’t! Try something sexier instead, like a warm foot massage with some warming gel, and concentrating on the pads of her toes and the webbing in between should do wonders for you and her epic orgasm. In fact, these zones have been linked to her nether zones according to reflexology charts. Apart from that, since the feet, genitalia, lips and hands get the lion’s share of her attention, so keep them warm and comfy, and you are half way there.

Try a Musky Cologne

We’re assuming you already know that smell is the strongest of all five senses, but did you know that it’s also the strongest when it comes to our sexual functioning as well. There are a few reasons for that. But, not just any smell will do. Your friend here is musk, which mimics testosterone. This smell has the power to kick her libido into over drive, which is just what you need when for a female orgasm. Run out of musk, try some baby powder, which can also have a similar effect, because it activates her natural scent print which links babies to pro-creation. Another reason why you should use musk or any other sent your casual partner find irresistible is because sex, smell and our memory centers have a close bond that begins in the brain. Using a smell that she’s familiar with will transport her back in time when she smelled it on your body first.

Use a Certain Sex Position

It’s true that if you have a mind-blowing, orgasm-inducing technique, she’ll never need to fake it again. But that’s easier said than done. And with so many so-called ‘best sex positions’ it’s hard to find the perfect one that will do the job. For some men, “making the lovin’” comes easy, but for others, it’s like searching for the Holy Grail. So, what is the best sex position to make your woman come every time? If you were wondering what the answer was – Missionary.

According to the experts, women are able to feel the most pleaser when in the good old fashioned missionary position. While there’s nothing fancy about it, women seem to love it. This is mainly because of the closeness she feels to her partner while being in that position, and having her partner’s weight on her body. But, that’s not all, in order to be more effective while in the missionary position you will have to enter her from the correct angle, as in, going in diagonally, instead of straight. The diagonal approach means that there’s more friction that stimulates the clitoris, which will make it easier for her to reach an orgasm.

Use a Vibrator

Have you ever considered using a vibrator? If you haven’t there’s nothing wrong with it. Nowadays, there’s a high proportion of women who prefer using a vibrator while having sex, because they find it enjoyable. Reason being, these little sex aids can vibrate a lot faster than your fingers, which in turn, is able to produce a very intense stimulation which usually results in an orgasm. For more info on the best sex positions to use with your casual partner read What do women generally want in a casual sex partner?