What do women generally want in a casual sex partner?

become the ideal partnerbecome the ideal partner

Deciphering what a woman wants in a causal sex partner isn’t easy, especially with the fact that most women often struggle to express themselves and what they want in the bedroom. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, many don’t even recognize their own sexual feelings. So, if she does know what she really wants, is there hope? Actually, yes, apart from what makes women want to have sex with a man? there is.

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Pick Up On Her Cues

If you want here to initiate sex more often as a casual sex partner there’s no need to shoot her down when she tries is there? Even if her attempt seems half assed, its up to you to pick up on her cues. If it’s the first time, or the first time she’s taking an initiative, she’s probably nervous or scared. This is why it is so important for you to take the lead and under no circumstances are you to give her any indication that she needs to do better. This is called basic behavioral conditioning, so if she initiates during your casual encounter and you give of a vibe of being super positive about it, then she’ll be more open to doing it again and again.

Act Out Her Fantasies

Hooking up with your casual sex partner is great but it will always be a challenge to notice when a women has a new hairstyle leave alone get inside her head. But, there’s one thing that all women do share in common. According to the research, women are more pleasure oriented as compared to men when it comes to sex. What this means is that she doesn’t just want to do the act of sex, she wants to moan and groan with pleasure. Acting out her fantasies can help bring out the inner vixen in your casual hookup.

Don’t Be Confused with Your Emotions

When it comes to a casual sex partner, women look for a man who is mature and can be discreet about their casual encounter. So, showing off your wild side right off the bat could frighten her off. On the flipside, its also important not to get confused with your emotions. While being in a casual relationship with a woman its really easy to believe that you have actually fallen in love with your casual sex partner. This is a big no-no, especially if she’s shown no signs of interest in you in that way. If you feel like you have seriously fallen for you partner, try to avoid contact with her for a few days and see if you still miss her. If you are able to move on and don’t feel the need of developing a serious relationship with her other than casual sex, you were dealing with a case of mild infatuation, and you’ll be okay. If the same feelings persist, you’re in trouble. At this point it would probably be better if you made your feelings known, and making a decision together. While casually hook ups turning into full blown relationships aren’t unheard of, many women prefer to keep their casual hookups on the down low, as in, keeping it a secret, and like the name suggests, casual.

Be The Tough Guy

Hooking up with a beautiful woman for some casual sex usually involves one person who will have complete control over the other person. That’s just the way it is. It is the partner that his dominant who decides on when to hook up and when to avoid their casual encounters. While most men do not want to come off as too dominating, women think otherwise. According to research, most women who were in such a relationship with a casual sex partner talked about how they wanted their partner to take the lead and be tough, during their hookups. While no woman wants to feel controlled and dominated, when it comes to casual relationships, it’s all about fulfilling your inner most fantasies. This is where most woman look for a casual sex partner who can be rough, but only in bed. There’s a fine line between being rough and hurting someone, so you might want to set up the ground rules beforehand. Ask your casual sex partner about what kind of guy she is looking for in the relationship and in bed. And if you think you’ve crossed the line, talk about it. A casual relationships is filled with invisible boundaries, and its your job to find out which ones means the most to her.

Getting Trapped in a Casual Relationship

What women certainly don’t want in a casual relationship is getting trapped in it. The truth about this situation is that you might not even know about it until its too late. You begin to see the signs each time you want to end the relationship with your casual partner, he or she tries to get close to you. No one wants to be in a casual relationship with someone who tries to cling with them. So, be cool!