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Summer is the best time to visit Australia, the land down under. During our visit, we planned to spend time in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, and Perth, and meet some stunning Australian beauties while we were there. That was the plan. The flight took a day and some change, which left us in the hotel room for the next few hours, jet lagged as hell. That was a good thing though because it gave us the change to do some research on the online dating scene. Why would anybody want to meet someone at the bar? Disgusting right? So, we punched in the keywords and lo and behold, pages and pages of dating sites catering to anything from weird fetishes, casual sex relationship, and the boring casual dating sites. But, we were here to get laid, and so decided to find sites that catered specifically to casual sex relationships. What we found was amazing. While some sites had truck loads of hotties who didn’t shy away from being up front about it, other sites were plain god-awful, while others were nothing buy scammers.

Since we were there for a while (two months specifically) we tested the top sites in Australia for hookups and casual sex. It is important to remind you that each of the sites reviewed were used for the same time period to add some level of fairness to the equation. This also means that we would be 100% sure of the results, making our reviews as accurate as they can possibly get. This also means that using the sites mentioned below is sure to help you get lucky repeatedly. If you’re new to the game, no problem, we’ve got you covered. You will find what women really want in a casual sex relationship by clicking here

Best Hookup Sites in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, and Perth

Casual Encounters SitesPerformanceRatingSent EmailsReceived RepliesCasual Dates Set UpDates Actually HadCasual SexRecommendationVisit
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Best 2021 casual sex relationship sites in Australia

When we say “the best sites in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, and Perth” what we mean is that these were the sites which had the most attractive women, and got the most responses from women who were also looking for a casual sex relationship. The sites that we’ve listed are the ones where we were most successful in getting a booty call almost every time.

The one site that stood out in this category was At this site we didn’t only find the most gorgeous single women who were looking for a casual relationship, but were met with a site that was so easy to follow and navigate through. It took minutes for us to subscribe, become members, create our profile and get on with business. Searching for women was also incredibly easy on the site and there were literally hundreds of profiles to choose from, which actually made our job a bit harder, but at the end of the day, we got to meet some really stunning women since we had to increase our standards. But, hey, who’s complaining?

A Breakdown of the Casual Relationship Sites we used in Australia

So, during our visits to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, and Perth we came across some pretty impressive casual dating sites and were able to develop a great casual sex relationship with many women while we were there. But, since all dating sites aren’t created equal, here’s a breakdown of the sites that we used during our stay in Australia. The first site we used was, a website dedicated to women who want nothing else but to hook up. We sent out 100 emails to profiles on this site and received replies from 58 of them. Out of those we sent were able to set up dates with 30 and actually went out with 27 of these stunning Australian beauties. Coming in second on our list is Similar to the first site we used, here we found some stunning women and sent out the same amount of emails to them. Out of the 100 emails we sent, we got replies from 32 of them and were able to set up dates with 19 of some of the classiest women we’ve dated. Out of which, we sealed the deal with 17, which was well worth the effort.

Now for the Bad Eggs in Casual Dating Sites in Australia

The websites named above were some of the best websites we’ve visited in Australia. They offered a great interface, had some of the best profiles, and was super easy to use. Now, for the worst, because they are out there too. To stay away from the bad sites while looking for a casual sex relationship you might want to read this