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There are a lot of great hookup sites for people in New Zealand, but is offering no-strings attached sex and is by far one of the best hookup sites in all of New Zealand. We checked out the website ourselves and found some of the prettiest ladies online. This is by far the best online hookup site that we have reviewed in New Zealand to date, and people who are looking for one-night stands in New Zealand will definitely be getting laid with hot women here.

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We pulled out all the moves in order to test out the different online dating and hookup sites, which totaled somewhere around 500 in total. We made sure that we meticulously checked out each and every site with actual facts and made sure that the results we got were authentic.
We found that all the profiles were completely genuine, and the women were all interested in casual, no strings attached, hot sex. The cities in which were testing were Tauranga, Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland.

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One of the greatest casual dating website was FreeHookups. Rated #1 in Ocenia. You have to try You will not be disappointed.

We were impressed with the turnout at

We were simply blown away by the turnout at, and the site completely exceeded our expectations. Not only did come through, when it came to attractive women, but we also got great responses for all of our emails. We sent out 100 emails to gorgeous women, and in fact got 70 replies in return, which certainly showed us that we were on one of the best sites for hookups. We managed to set up 35 dates out of the 70 responses that we got back from the website, which is a fantastic turnout ratio. Out of the 35 dates, we actually went on 34 dates, and went all the way with 31 dates, which is what we had hoped for as well. The best part was that all these beautiful women were just as excited and thrilled to meet up and have wild sex with no strings attached as we were.

You don’t have to waste your time anymore on websites that are filled with scammers, and check out a website that has already been tried and tested. This would not only make life interesting for you, but will also ensure that you are able to enjoy a night filled with fun and pleasure. Very rarely do you come across an online hookup site that is as good as is and we were delighted with the range of features that they had provided users as well. We were apprehensive about running into scammers on this website, but to our delight, there was no instance of any spam or calls from escorts on this website. This was a welcome change for us, and was one of the many reasons why we rated this website so highly.

You don’t have to worry about Fake Online Dating Accounts over here

Another great part about is that you don’t have to worry about fake accounts, and being contacted by fake women. We made sure that the profiles were authentic and the ladies messaging us were not in fact bots, but actual real women. We tested over 500 different sites extensively, and didn’t miss a single area, because we want to help you get laid and avoid the frustration of being frustrated, when you only want to experience a one night stand with a gorgeous woman. offers easy membership

We were also delighted with the membership process at, which was not only simple but also very easy to complete as well. We all had good things to say about the website after using it, and had loads of fun getting laid. This website is a surefire way to connect with hot women in New Zealand in order to have a wild one night stand with no strings attached. This is why we would recommend to you with no hesitation when you’re looking to have sex with hot women in New Zealand.