Is FirstAffair a Scam or Legit? – Full Review Here

Well, in our opinion doesn’t deliver what they promise. How many times have you actually sat down and tried to create a profile on these types of sites?
We thoroughly reviewed the site and spent a lot of time trying to set up a legit profile with the right profile pictures. We were excited about the prospects on this hookup dating site, but then were absolutely disgusted by the women to men ratio on this site. Finding a pretty woman on this site was proving to be more difficult than it should be, and the end- result was that no one got laid.

Real casual dating sites

How do you find real online dating sites that actually work?

We have tried and tested hundreds of dating sites on the internet and actually did manage to find quite a lot of dating sites, were we managed to set up dates and got laid at the end of the night, with no strings attached. However, we definitely wouldn’t be putting amongst the other legit online dating sites that we tried. If you want a clear idea about what you can get from this site, you can check out the table below and see exactly what we are talking about. Use it to help you make a completely informed decision about whether or not you are going to use this site. If you want to check out a different site, try something like and There are great sites for every location that you are residing in.

About FirstAffair casual dating siteWe had a TERRIBLE experience on FirstAffair. We DID NOT like this dating sites for casual sex. We STRONGLY suggest you to try one of those recommended casual encounters sites here doesn’t really provide you with any chance to hookup, let alone have an affair

We all live busy lives and most of us don’t have time to go out to our local bars in order to find hot single women to hookup with, which is why you find yourself on hookup dating sites. The whole purpose of these dating sites is to provide easy and fast access to hot women that want to go out, have fun, and get laid, with no strings attached. However, on a lot of women who we contacted thought that we had set up a fake account, and therefore choose to ignore us. We were also getting empty promises in our inbox, where hot women would set up dates with us and then choose to no show up on the agreed day. All in all, this site had plenty of red flags, which firmly placed it in the list of online dating sites to ignore.

Are there are any good websites left in the industry?

Even though failed to match our expectations, there are lots of great websites out there for people who want to hookup with a legit person. If you don’t want to be contacted by escorts and bombarded by fake email responses then don’t consider this dating site. This site is definitely not for people who are looking for a one-night stand, since the majority of people over here have fake profiles, and it can be hard to identify who is playing you. There are still plenty of great hookup dating sites that we have reviewed over the past few years, but sadly this one fails to make the grade. This website requires a lot of upgrades, and until then you will not be able to find legit people to hookup with or go on dates with.

When in doubt – Always Trust the Numbers – For a Legit Hookup Site

If you want to find a great hookup dating site then do yourself a favor and don’t go for sites like Just having a good sounding name isn’t a guarantee that you will have a good experience on that site in terms of hookups and one night stands. You should always visit a site that provides a high success rate percentage of finding legit men and women for one-night stands, no strings attached sex, and dating. Furthermore, don’t let a subpar website ruin your experience, as there are plenty of decent fish in the sea.