Is xDating Legit and Safe? Fraud and Scam reports

By now, you know for certain that we know what we are doing when it comes to ranking and analyzing hookup dating websites. We did some dating tests on and for all intents and purposes it proved to be a waste of our time and effort. There are several other hookup dating sites that offer more and have proved to be better than, which only proved to be a poor man’s substitute for online dating websites. We never managed to get a single date from this site, after spending months trying to set up dates for one-night stands.

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So are there Hookup Sites where you can Seal the Deal?

It is only natural that you become skeptical about online hook up dating sites, particularly when you have had bad experiences on a couple of them. However, there are lots of great hook up dating sites, which we personally tested and were able to find gorgeous women, who wanted to seal the deal at the end of the night, with no strings attached. Some of the best hook up dating sites we found were,,, and We were able to get loads of responses and generally didn’t have to waste a lot of time in finding gorgeous women to speak with and set up dates with. It is always difficult knowing whether the site you choose will be able to provide you with everything that they promise, and it was disappointing to find that failed to match up to the standards that we normally associate with the very best in the industry.

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We had a TERRIBLE experience on xDating. We DID NOT like this dating sites for casual sex. We STRONGLY suggest you to try one of those recommendedcasual encounters sites here

Check Out and the Less than Impressive Responses we got there

You can check out the numbers that we dug out when we tested The majority of pretty girls that we contacted didn’t give us a response, and out of the small percentage that responded, we were unable to get a date with them. A lot of accounts weren’t real, which is frankly, a huge turnoff for us. A lot of people didn’t respond on the site, and that is the number one cue for an online dating site that isn’t doing well. There is a huge market for people wanting to get laid, but no one wants to go through too much hassle. Nobody wants to waste their valuable time and money in order to get laid, which is why fails so spectacularly when trying to tap into this particular market.

The areas where failed

We tested thoroughly and found that, while we did get responses, we didn’t manage to land a single date! That is a huge red flag for any dating site that we review, and instead we got contacted by escorts. While going through our inbox we found lots of scams, which was a major turn off for us, especially since all we were trying to do was get laid. isn’t for you if you want to get laid with no strings attached

When we were testing the site, the last thing that we expected was to be contacted by escorts, and it really pissed us off. The only reason we are looking for legit girls to hookup with on hook up sites, is because we DON’T want to pay for ‘services’. That’s not what we do, because it’s demeaning, you know?
We also weren’t overly impressed with the ratio of men to women on the site, and out of the other dating hookup sites that we had reviewed; we found that we were only wasting our time on this site. There are other more exciting and interesting dating sites on the internet, and we would suggest that you don’t waste your time on if you want to get laid with no strings attached.