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In my opinion POF.com, no. You’d like to believe that your chances of hitting the sheets are fair after signing up for a website that has ‘plenty of fish’. Ironically, POF.com (abbreviation for Plenty of Fish, which should be apparent by now) is not really a dating site where you get to answer, or make the bootie call. If you’re in UK looking to go out on a lovely date, or planning to find someone for a casual encounter, you must read this POF.com review to understand why it’s not the best of places to look for fish.

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What You Need to Know About POF.com

If you are familiar with what I do with my pals About This Website, then you know that this is as honest as a review can get. I stress this because we’re talking about the self-proclaimed ‘largest dating site’ with ‘over 3 million active daily users’ that also has a mobile app for iOS users; needless to say, we’re dealing with a big fish here! I undertook reviewing POF.com after heading to Manchester in the UK as part of my travels looking for love, sex, and scams in the online dating world. POF.com claims to have hoards of members from the UK so I was quite excited about the opportunity to test it out in a big city like Manchester. So I opened the website, and right after it stopped loading, I noticed something fishy (pun intended). Well not something but quite a lot of things.

Is POF Working or Is it Just a Scam?

First off, POF.com does not have 128-bit encryption, or is not an ‘https’ site. In other words, your personal information that you provide and the bank accounts that you link are not really safe. Remember that while it’s free, there is a subscription-based model for users who want ‘more’ experience out of POF.com. The largest site to hookup and get laid should, to the very least, have a better attitude about protection. Anyways, after signing up for a free account and sending out a 100 emails to women based in Manchester, I did get 58 replies, which if you compare to other scam dating sites we’ve covered here, is decent. So I started a conversation with all 58 responders, and within a week I was able to set up 30 dates. So basically, 70% of the women I emailed didn’t bother replying, weren’t interested, or were probably just bots. But that’s not the bad part. The bad part is that I only went on 7 dates after a two-week pursuit, and just two of them actually took it to the sheets with me, despite all 7 having stated that they’re looking for a ‘casual fling’.

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We had a TERRIBLE experience on POF. We DID NOT like this dating sites for casual sex. We STRONGLY suggest you to try one of those recommendedcasual encounters sites here

So, Where’s the Fish?

I have been in the online dating game for 6 years, and I know that having a 93% chance of not getting a date or someone to get frisky with is not going to get anybody’s hopes up. Frankly, I should have seen this coming, as many dating sites claim to be the biggest or largest. You don’t have to sign up to know that it’s really a place to catch some fish. This above screenshot is from POF.com where it claims to have been covered on Fox, CNN, and the likes. The only coverage it will ever receive from the news and media networks is when it gets hacked and tens of thousands of ‘real’ people have their personal and private information leaked which could potentially destroy their lives, and that too without getting laid or at least finding a nice person to go out with!