SaucyDatesReview: Get the Answers on If It Really Works

Well, if you are looking for the best options in online and dating hookup websites, you would do well to steer well clear of In our opinion it is one of the worst hookup sites around, and that is after we spent months trying to get laid using this website. We only ended up wasting our time, and got absolutely nothing for our efforts. One of the primary reasons people go to hookup sites is to get laid, and that is something that this website doesn’t simply cater to, despite making promises. The only thing you will get from this site is more stress and endless headaches, instead of a wild night.

Real casual dating sites

After being left disappointed by the experience of we really started to question the authenticity of hookup dating sites on the internet. Are all of them like this? Surely, there must be authentic hookup sites that truly work? Well, if you are familiar with what we do, then you know that we came across plenty of great hookup dating sites, and after two months this is what we found that was nowhere near good enough.

About SaucyDates casual dating siteWe had a TERRIBLE experience on SaucyDates. We DID NOT like this dating sites for casual sex. We STRONGLY suggest you to try one of those recommended casual encounters sites here

We came across lots of great hookup sites that provide their users with great services, such as and We found out that failed to match the standards set by the sites mentioned above, and was in essence running a hookup scam, which was easily distinguishable by the amount of emails that we sent out and the responses we got back.

We did the math and weren’t impressed

We like to do the math on every hookup dating site that we review and weren’t impressed by the numbers that showed up on We sent out about 100 emails to drop dead gorgeous women, and only got 18 replies back from them! You can check out the numbers with your own eyes. Out of those 18 replies that we got, only one agreed to set up a date, but she was a no show, and frankly that is just bullcrap!

Why would someone go through all that trouble just to be led on, while they are trying to get laid? Being rejected like this on a hookup dating site will only lead to more sexual frustration, which is something that you don’t need to deal with.

There is nothing saucy about

We felt that a website named would at least offer a decent amount of action to people who were looking to get laid, but frankly we were highly disappointed with the results that we got. Not only was it frustrating trying to filter through the many profiles on the site, but finding legitimate hookups here is like searching for a needle in a haystack.
If you have to put in this much effort to get laid, it is best that you find a bar in your local area and do it that way. The main purpose of online hookup dating sites is to ensure that people are able to connect quickly and set up dates for one night stands or wild night outs, and doesn’t match up to both those expectations.

Response Rates were non-existent

The main reason people go to online dating sites or hookup dating sites is that they can find hot and attractive men and women to get laid or have no strings attached sex. No one goes to these sites in order to find the love of their life, or to have a long-term relationship. They just want hookups, but you can’t hookup with anyone if they never even bother to respond to your initial email.

Why is one of the worst Hookup Sites

We found trying to hookup on extremely frustrating, primarily because the response rate on this site was practically non-existent. It really upset us that we couldn’t even manage to set up one date from this site, and not to brag, but we rarely fail to get lucky on hookup dating sites. It took up quite a lot of time to create our profile and then send emails out to hot women, who were non-responsive in the end. The responses we ended up getting were from escorts, which was frankly not our cup of tea and exactly why this site isn’t for you. Do yourself a favor, there are lots of credible sites that we have reviewed, and where you can easily get laid without wasting your time, or tearing your hair out. Don’t waste your time at sites like and get busy at credible hookup sites.