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According to my personal experience, not as much, and by the time you’re done reading this review, you’ll understand why. I was in west coast in Los Angeles when I decided to review, thinking it was a good location to test the site and actually find some casual flings or land a few dates. While the site doesn’t have a convincing design, it does boast offer you a ‘Get Laid Guarantee’ once you sign up and choose one of the four subscription plans that will entice you to put your money into it with hopes of landing a date or getting laid.

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Is Working in Los Angeles

Well it is, but if you mean ‘will I get laid using this website in LA’ by ‘working’, then sorry to disappoint you, it doesn’t. Having spent good years of my life in Los Angeles, I was familiar with the online dating scene here which is happening and growing. I sent out 100 emails to women close to where I was living. I didn’t randomly choose them but went through their profiles and made sure they were legitimate, or at least appeared so. I got replies from 56 of them, which wasn’t bad but not really good either, and I’ll explain why. I was doing this to review the site, so someone who’s looking for sex or a date would logically only put their energy and effort into scouring 4, may be 5 at a time. So basically, they’re likely to receive replies from 2, maximum 3 of the ladies they messaged. So I started conversations with all 56 women, giving them enough attention and using the right words to get them to go out or get frisky with me.

About XXXBlackBook casual dating site

We had a TERRIBLE experience on XXXBlackBook. We DID NOT like this dating sites for casual sex. We STRONGLY suggest you to try one of those recommendedcasual encounters sites here

Is Any Good than Other Casual Dating Sites

Sadly though, I was only able to set up dates with 2 of the 56, and only one of them showed up to the date! So I did get to close the deal with the lone lady who showed up, and to be honest she was lovelier in person than she was online. But that means I had a 99% chance of not getting a date or getting laid when I was using Needless to say, scams are there, and there’s a high chance that the person you’re interested in is not real. If I told you that you’re going to get laid quickly but later I add that ‘not quickly, not today, but someday’, you’re obviously going to feel angry and lost for words. For a site that boasts features like live video chat, and promises to get you laid within 3 months of getting one of the exclusive membership plans, Sure I did get laid within 3 months, or within two weeks to be more precise, but that’s not the sort of effort you should have to put in to find someone in Los Angeles to go out or fulfill your sexual desires with.

So Is Any Good in Finding Dates or Sex?

I don’t think so, and from my personal experience using the site, I don’t think there are as many ‘real’ profiles on as you get to see. There’s an abundance of single, taken, and married people here in LA who use local sex finders, but apparently, I couldn’t find them on what claims to be one of the leading online sex finders in the country. Honestly, I found and to be much better in all aspects from live chatting to finding suitable dates for casual sex and flings than XXXBlackBook. Hopefully this review will help you avoid getting scammed or getting frustrated next time you’re looking for someone to hook up with in LA.