3 Tips To Meet More Casual Sex Partner

pursuit of casual sexwho takes these pictures anyway?

Hook ups, one night stands, booty calls, shack ups, slumber parties; all are terms we use for casual sex. Let’s be honest – sex is great, and it only gets better when you get to experiment with different men and women without any strings attached like feelings and emotions. If sex in a relationship is like a hamburger, then casual sex is much like a mouthwatering bacon-wrapped pork loin. Finding casual sex partners though, is the hard part, and if you have been in the online dating game for some time, you know it’s true. However, that doesn’t mean you drown your hopes, and your sexual urges with it. Hopefully this guide will help you understand what things people who want to have casual sex are looking for on dating sites and how you can build a persona that guarantees regular casual hookups.

Legitimate casual encounters sites

Get On The Right Casual Dating Sites

Did you know that about 91% of the ‘top’ casual dating sites (self-proclaimed for the most part) are actually scams? Yes, it is shocking! So basically, you have a better chance of ‘taking care’ of yourself by yourself rather than landing a one night stand or a booty call. That’s the sad reality of the online dating industry. But don’t worry, because there is hope. As we have researched, tested, and reviewed some of the top dating sites, we know which ones are best for casual sex and which ones are just scams. Sites like SexFinder.com and HookUpCloud.com are two prime examples of reliable and trusted casual dating sites where chances of getting laid are quite favorable. We live tested these sites, and more, and can claim that you will be able to get more casual sex opportunities by signing up with trusted sites. Now of course, to actually get laid, you need to be ‘presentable’ which means you need to create a user profile that encourages other users to find out more about you and, if they’re interested, to contact you for a booty call, a fling, or more.

Pictures Do Say A Thousand Words

Having a rather blurry and not-so-attractive profile picture isn’t really going to help you find and meet casual sex partners. But another thing that most people forget is uploading more images of themselves. What they typically do is upload a profile picture and that’s about it. You need to have at least 10 good pictures of yourself on a dating site. That should help a potential casual sex partner to decide whether they should contact you or not. If you want to upload suggestive images, make sure they do leave ‘lots’ for imagination. In other words, your suggestive pictures shouldn’t be as ‘suggestive’ in nature but more inclined towards ‘sexy’. If you’re not showing your face and all your images are of your private parts, then you’re probably not going to get lucky, now, soon, or at all. So, for instance, if you’re uploading 10 pictures, we recommend you have at two good pictures of your face, and at least 3 full-sized images of your whole body. This way, you are allowing potential hookups to have a good idea of what to expect from you, so that by the time they read your profile, they are already convinced that they’ll be taking you for a power drive soon.

Your Dating Profile Description Matters

It matters a lot actually, and we’ll tell you why. A detailed dating profile helps you get likes, hits, and messages from the right people. On the other hand, a profile with little to no information could very well be mistaken for a fake profile. So to begin with, the first thing people see in a profile is location. If you lived in Phoenix but recently moved to Miami, then update your profile to get more relevant hits (most dating sites do that for you automatically). After that, everything you provide in your profile is directly associated with your chances of getting laid, from your height and marital status to your hobbies and sexual preferences. So for instance, if you mention that you’re into ‘bondage, role playing’, you will have a much better chance of getting in touch with someone who has similar preferences. If you are, say, in a relationship, and you and your partner are looking for a threesome or orgies, then say so. If there is one place where you can, and should be honest, about your sexual preferences, it’s casual dating sites. So the key take away from this is that the more detailed your dating profile description is, the better the odds of getting your sexual cravings satisfied!