casual sex partner

become the ideal partner Deciphering what a woman wants in a causal sex partner isn’t easy, especially with the fact that most women often struggle to express themselves and what they want in the bedroom. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, many don’t even recognize their own sexual feelings. So, if she does know […] Read more

who takes these pictures anyway? Hook ups, one night stands, booty calls, shack ups, slumber parties; all are terms we use for casual sex. Let’s be honest – sex is great, and it only gets better when you get to experiment with different men and women without any strings attached like feelings and emotions. If […] Read more

you’ll be catching the fish within no time It’s the age-old question and one that hasn’t been answered convincingly for the most part. Why? Because let’s face it, there has never been a proper audit of casual dating sites, which means the chances of running into a scam are much greater than actually running into […] Read more