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When it comes to adult hookup sites, it can be hard to find the right website. Fortunately for you, we have reviewed some of the best casual sex and adult dating sites in the United States to make that decision easier for you. During our research we came across, which is exactly as its name states, sexy from top to bottom. The first impression you have from this site, will get you thinking about smoking hot women. The women are all dressed in the finest sexy lingerie, which will definitely get your heart beating just a bit faster with excitement and anticipation. If you’re looking to get laid by HOT American women, then this is the site every man should visit right now.

SexSearch scam review

Check out why is growing so much in Popularity

There are many adult dating sites to choose from but is quickly becoming one of the best hookup websites for Americans. The website doesn’t confuse you and gets straight down to business, which is letting you hookup with hot singles. It has more than 62 million members, and a solid business model that works like a charm.
The best part is that the website provides equal opportunities to newcomers and experienced online daters to get laid with American women.

About SexSearch casual dating site

One of the greatest casual dating website was SexSearch. Rated #1 in the United Kingdom. You have to try You will not be disappointed.

We Found the best Dating Sites for Hooking Up in United States

You know by now that we know what we are doing. We ran extensive tests on the top rated hookup websites for Americans, in order to find out which ones actually worked for real. The websites that we found to be the best for dating and hooking up in America were,, and The cities that we included in those tests were Jacksonville, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

Moreover, we only send out emails to the HOTTEST girls on the websites, but if had lowered our standards slightly, we would have invariably gotten laid a lot more than we did. We were actually after a solid 10, rather than going for two 5’s, if you know what we mean.

In our review of, we sent out 100 emails to hot girls and received around 33 responses from gorgeous women. This was a high percentage of responses, and it definitely got us a little excited, since all of these women were drop-dead gorgeous. The fact that these women were looking for hot, sexy, and wild, no strings attached sex made us even more excited.
We chatted with these gorgeous ladies, and managed to set up actual dates with 18 of them, which was a fair number. However, the number that really counts was that we had amazing no strings attached sex with 16 of these gorgeous angels. That is a phenomenal success rate at any casual dating website, and showed us that truly delivers.

Great features designed to enhance your online hookup experience

Every hookup site needs to provide solid features to its users, and absolutely nailed the features that they offer to their users. You will be pleased to learn that the website is well designed and easy to use, while you don’t have to spend a lot of time to set up your account.
The website had amazing chat rooms, which allow you to easily set up dates with gorgeous women you find online. It can be intimidating at first, to send out emails to gorgeous women, but at you’re not really daunted at all. All the hot ladies on the website are looking for one thing, crazy, wild, one-night stands!

You can Trust Our Experience When it Comes to Hookup Sites

There are more than 300 different adult dating websites in the United States, but we found that only 3 of them actually delivered when it comes down to setting up one night stands with gorgeous American women. The majority of adult dating sites are running scams, which work on the basis of conning thousands of users.

We managed to weed out most of the worst dating hookup sites in the USA, and have reviewed them as well, so that you don’t fall prey to them. After testing most of the websites here, we found that is definitely in the top 5 adult dating and hookup sites in America. The members here are looking to connect with authentic and genuine men and women, to get lucky with no strings attached. The website also offers hardcore porn videos and live web cams, which are some of the best perks you can wish for!